The Top 7 Reasons To Move To Miami

According to the New York Post, 21,546 New Yorkers switched residence and moved permanently to Florida during the first four months of 2022. Of those people moving to the Sunshine State, Miami, according to a report from real estate site Redfin, is attracting new residents by the droves with New Jersey, Chicago, and San Francisco amongst the biggest contributors. estimates that around 1000 people a day are moving to Florida with the net inflow of new Miami residents doubling in Jan 2022 compared to Jan 2021. Here, we’ll break down the main factors driving the migration to Miami.


Top 7 Reasons To Move To Miami | Discount Luxury Hotel in Miami Beach


1. The Weather

It almost goes without saying. Miami’s mild 70 degree winters are a big reason for transplants to move from the colder, pricy northern states. Remote working has added another valid reason to exchange the northern chill for the thrill of year-round shorts and flip-flops.


2. No State Income Tax

This is a biggie for states such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and, California that have some of the highest state income taxes in the country. Instead of a State tax, Florida has a sales tax of 7.75%, which is still lower than other parts of the country. The lack of a state tax means that Floridians have more cash to spend on housing and other essentials.


3. Culture

One of the reasons that Miami is such a hit with New Yorkers is the culture. It’s not just Caribbean and Latin culture, either, but cultures from around the world congregate in Miami, drawn to the weather, food, art, museums, and renowned international film and book festivals as well as music, symphonies, and more. Neighborhoods such as the Design District and Wynwood showcase some of the best public art the city has to offer, with a cool, creative vibe flowing throughout.


4. Cuisine

Miami is a constant carnival for the taste buds. Its tropical climate means that fruits and vegetables can be grown year-round while fish lovers can reap the benefits of being surrounded by water. If you’re after delicious Latin and Caribbean-inspired dishes, Miami’s got them all at reasonable prices. It’s also got a smorgasbord of high-quality international restaurants with world-renowned chefs at their helm.

The great advantage of living in a tropical climate is that there’s no need to transport out-of-season produce long distances. This makes for reasonably priced items like avocados (avocado toast, anyone?!), mangos, and more. There are also numerous food trucks serving some of the most delicious, modestly priced meals around. The many food and music festivals offer a great reason to head outdoors and stay out.


5. Reliable Public Transportation

With so many New Yorkers living in Miami, the public transportation has to be on point, as Miami traffic is almost as bad as the Big Apple’s. The main mode of transportation is the Metrobus which has a fleet of 1,000 vehicles covering 95 routes from Fort Lauderdale all the way to the Florida Keys.

The Metrorail is pretty advanced, too with 25 miles of elevated rails connecting northwest Miami-Dade to Broward and Palm Beach counties. There’s also a free service known as the Metromover in Downtown Miami that scoots passengers around Downtown and the Brickell areas and provides a handy connection between the Metrobus and Metrorail.


6. Diversity

Miami is known for its large Hispanic/South American population, with Spanish an almost first language in many parts of town. It also welcomes many different kinds of communities including LGBTQ, all Caribbean countries, and those from all over Africa and Europe.


7. Beach Life

Beach day is every day. There are over 15 quality beaches in Miami alone, let alone there’s bound to be one that suits your frame of mind, from the partying and energetic vibe to the contemplative and thoughtful. With eye-catching, expressive architecture, an abundance of parks, and a wide variety of food options, going to the beach doesn’t have to be an all-day commitment. There’s the option to go for a refreshing dip in the ocean before or after work. How many cities can say that?


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If you’re on the fence about moving to Miami, take a trip or several trips and check all the items of importance off your list. You might find that once you get past the weather, food and the cost of living, particularly outside of the city, everything else pales into insignificance. In fact, after your first visit, you might just decide to follow the hordes of like-minded people from other states, MAK Realty provides local real estate expertise. Contact MAK realty, and start we’ll help you start looking for a place to live. While you visit Miami, MAK Realty offers discounted suites at the stunning and storied luxury hotel, The Fontainebleau in Miami’s South Beach.

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