The Unusual Miami Vacation Rental You Need to Stay In

When you think of a vacation rental chances are a luxury hotel doesn’t come to mind. Instead, you might think of a hard-wearing, modestly finished apartment that’s designed for a high turnover of guests. However, if you choose to stay at one of our sumptuous suites at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, get ready to throw your preconceptions out of the window. Ours, by the way, overlook Miami’s white beaches, pristine pools, and achingly blue Atlantic Ocean.


Classy and Cost-Effective

High on class, low on price. Live in luxury in one of our expansive suites and even better, invite your friends and family along too! We offer multiple bedding options that make staying at our vacation rental cost-effective compared to renting multiple condos. Some of our suites also have kitchens and kitchenettes — ideal for making smoothies, snacks, and breakfasts. Need to rinse off some salty swimwear? No problem, we’ve got washers and dryers too. Book with us for a long weekend and you may never want to leave.


A Cut Above

What makes our Miami vacation rentals so alluring is that they offer the best of both worlds; the independence and freedom of staying in a condo along with the amenities and convenience of staying in a top-notch luxury hotel. How is that possible? Because we’ve secured some of the best suites at the Fontainebleau on a long-term basis, dramatically reducing our overheads. We pass these savings on to you, our guests who can book us through Airbnb where we enjoy a Superhost status. That means you’ll get to enjoy a selection of hotel restaurants, spa facilities, and gym along with many additional services the Fontainebleau offers, all while being a flip-flop walk away from the beach. Try finding that in another vacation rental!


A Rental To Match Your Needs

Whatever your reason for going to Miami Beach, our unique vacation rental has got your back. Firstly, enjoy the free shuttle to and from the airport. No need to worry about calling an Uber and lugging luggage around. Then, check in and get ready for an amazing time.


If it’s a weekend with the fellas — fuel up the engine for the day with protein smoothies in your room or Cuban coffee in the hotel before jet-ski-ing, golfing, fishing, watching soccer, basketball, or whatever takes your fancy. Top it off with some of Miami Beach’s best renowned nightclubs or better still dance to world-famous DJs at the Fontainebleau itself. Order extra housekeeping to ensure the place stays pristine with new sheets when you get back in your room after a night’s partying.


If you’re in town with the family, squeeze in a romantic date night by hiring a vetted babysitting service to watch movies in the room with the kids or play games while you trip the light fantastic. And if it’s a ladies’ getaway, our restaurants, spas, and close proximity to the beach, gyms, and the best of Miami shopping will ensure you stay tanned, toned, and designer-tagged all the way back home.


Social Media Friendly

Make the most of the Miami weather and the luxurious surroundings of the Fontainebleau for all your fabulous social media-friendly shoots. Use the hotel’s lavish backdrops to film videos and more. We’re completely production-friendly and the hotel staff is happy to snap away whenever you need.


MAK Realty has your Miami Beach vacation condo ready!

Whether you’re touring Little Havana, hitting designer boutiques, or soaking up the sun on the beach, it’s always reassuring to know that your accommodation is close to everything, while offering amazing services and amenities itself. Usually, those perks don’t come with vacation rentals — which is why our rooms are so unusual. By offering condo autonomy with luxury hotel conveniences at affordable rates, we safeguard your Miami vacation rental experience — taking it from meh to yeah!

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