Farm-to-Table: Exploring Miami’s Agritourism and Local Farms

Coming to a restaurant near you — fresh farm-to-table produce, courtesy of Miami’s many much-loved local farms.

Think farm to table, and you think of overpriced restaurants in Vermont, Upstate New York, or California. Think Miami, and you think of beaches, hotels, nightlife, and restaurants. However, Miami’s tropical climate makes it ideal for a wide range of farming. Hence, agritourism and local farm businesses have sprouted from Florida’s fertile sun and rain-drenched soil. In fact, the succulent fruits and vegetables adorning your plate in one of the city’s fashionable eateries were most likely grown a few miles away and carefully picked earlier that day.

The action is in South Dade, with many local farms and nurseries basking in the area’s idyllic growing climate. By cutting out the grocery stores and going directly to the source, you save money on transportation and packaging from when the crop is pulled from the ground to when it lands on a supermarket shelf, thus guaranteeing you the freshest produce possible. 

Here are some of the best-loved local farms in the South Dade area:

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm

Established in Homestead in 1959, Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm is the Godfather of the local farm scene, growing a bounty of locally sourced and exotic fresh fruits and vegetables, such as carambola, mamey, lychee, atemoya, papayas, and mangos. Robert is still here — running the store six decades in and has turned his establishment into a cottage industry selling famous fresh-fruit milkshakes and smoothies, homemade jellies, preserves, and Key lime pies. It’s a family affair with goats, emus, pigs, and cows, making it an ideal experience for young and old alike. The much-loved establishment was the first Florida-based institution added to the prestigious National Food & Beverage Foundation’s National Culinary Heritage Register.

The Berry Farm (formerly Burr’s Berry Farm)

Another long-standing establishment (70 years and counting), The Berry Farm, has a roaring trade from mid-September to late May, selling strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon, onions, cilantro, and more. The thirty-acre farm is family-friendly with annual festivals, a sunflower field, a corn maze, live music on weekends, hay barrel stacks, and tunnels. There’s even an ice cream parlor, a covered playground, and a barbecue and taco stand because berries alone won’t satisfy ravenous appetites. 

Knaus Berry Farm

Homestead’s Knaus Berry Farm, does a mouth-watering line in cinnamon rolls and strawberry milkshakes — ideal once you’ve worked up an appetite picking strawberries and tomatoes. Around 1956, the former fruit stand turned into a thriving multi-generational family business that was open from November to April.

Little River Cooperative

Something for your mind, body, and soul. Gardening workshops, learning about farming in tropical climates, and shopping for plants and produce are just a few reasons to visit Little River Cooperative in Redland. But that’s not all—there’s also goat yoga and a 5-acre avocado grove.

Farmhouse Miami

Two words you probably never thought you’d see next to one another: Farmhouse Miami offers a 360-degree agritourism experience with animal rides, a petting zoo, an ATV tour of local farms, a farmer’s market, and an on-site weekend restaurant.

Aguacate Sanctuary of Love

Organically grown produce and wellness are two peas of the same pesticide-free pod so it makes sense that Aguacate Sanctuary of Love also incorporates meditation, yoga, fresh juices, spirituality, holistic practices and organic living. Master herbalist Herbs by Luz grows and blends a curative mix of herbs designed for physical and spiritual healing. Wallow in wellness at this wondrous home for healing.

LNB Grovestand

Fresh tropical fruits and turmeric-laden growing plots make for a winning combination at LNB Grovestand as do the choice of rainbow smoothies, a seasonal mix of tropical fruits and vegetables, and LNB’s signature turmeric concentrate. This organic product blends a whole turmeric root with honey, ginger, and lemongrass tea. 

Visit Local Nurseries to Jump Start Your Home Growing Journey

Several local nurseries around the South Dade area are open to the public, selling flowers, cacti, growing accouterments, garden decor, and more. These include:

  • R.F. Orchids
  • Isaac Farm
  • New Beginning Nurses and Services Corp.

Notable Farm-to-Table Restaurants in South Dade

Your taste buds will never be the same after visiting these celebrated farm-to-table Miami restaurants

Final Thoughts

You’ve been to the beach, danced at LIV, strolled Little Havana, watched Messi, and shopped ’til your knees have given way. Broaden your Miami experience, relax, and do something great for your body without breaking into a sweat. Southern Dade’s agritourism, local farms, and farm-to-table scene are some of the area’s best-kept secrets, getting overlooked by Miami’s flashier activities. Make the most of your Miami vacation and visit some of the farms, restaurants, and wellness centers mentioned here. Your body will thank you for it. 

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