The Importance of Airbnb Guest Reviews

Airbnb guest reviews are essential for both hosts and visitors alike. Here’s how they benefit the entire short-term rental ecosystem.

The importance of Airbnb guest reviews cannot be overstated. They are the bread and butter of Airbnb owners and hosts. They are oxygen to the Airbnb algorithm, propelling hosts up the rankings and giving future guests invaluable insights. That’s why, if you’ve enjoyed your stay in Airbnb accommodation —or, have some constructive criticism — tell the world about it with a review.

Guidelines for How and When to Post an Airbnb Guest Review

After your stay, you’ll receive an e-mail from Airbnb asking you to post a review about your experience within 14 days of the stay (you can also leave a review at The host also gets a chance to post a review about the guest — so any damage, trashed apartments, noise complaints, etc, won’t reflect well. There’s a 1,000-character limit for reviews, so no one expects you to write a novel. It’s also worth noting that if multiple people stayed in the Airbnb, only the person who made the booking would be invited to leave a review.

Important Things to Bear in Mind When Posting an Airbnb Guest Review

Constructive Criticism

The important thing is to be honest. Don’t be vindictive over things out of the host’s control (the loud thunderstorm, car alarm on the street or garbage truck noise that interrupted your sleep). By all means mention them but try to offer constructive criticism. Ie. “If you’re a light sleeper, you might want to bear in mind…”

Details and Specificity

Try to be as specific as possible by offering details that you would like to read, “The mattress was luxuriant and soft, as were the high thread count linens,” “The clanging radiator pipes were annoying,” “The nook in the corner of the living room was a wonderful place to sit a read,” etc.

Other things to consider including in your review

  • Did your guest stay experience live up to your expectations?
  • Was the residence clean and well-maintained?
  • How was your interaction with the host?
  • How were the mattress and sleeping arrangements? 
  • What were the water pressure and temperature like?
  • Was there adequate heat and ventilation in the home?

Go here for more about Airbnb reviews:

Why Airbnb Guest Reviews Matter

Helps Establish Trust and Credibility

Airbnb guest reviews are an invaluable service to other potential guests. Just as you most likely booked your Airbnb stay based on the reviews you read, others will consider your review when booking their stay.

Gives the Host Visibility 

As stated, the more positive reviews a host receives, the higher they will rank on Airbnb’s search engine and the better their chances of reaching more bookings. If they receive enough positive reviews, they can attain super host status.

Establishes You as a Conscientious Guest

Constructive feedback establishes you as a conscientious guest who can encourage other guests to book. Hosts can also learn from your insights and change their apartments and homes.

Helps Guests Avoid Bad Experiences

If an Airbnb guest experience was particularly bad, a honest review will help other hosts avoid them and steer them instead, towards better hosts.


Be thoughtful, polite, and professional when leaving a review, but most importantly, remember to leave one. Guest reviews benefit the entire Airbnb community and allow it to thrive, creating better experiences. If you choose to stay at any of our luxury residences at the Fontainebleu, Miami Beach we look forward to reading your review!

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