The Best New Restaurants in Miami in 2024

If you think you know Miami food, think again. Our look at the best new restaurants in Miami in 2024 will spotlight some of the latest culinary hot spots.

An important part of any vacation is the food. Miami is renowned for its great weather, beaches, culture and nightlife. However, if you think you know Miami cuisine, think again, as new restaurants are opening every week in Magic City. In 2024, the city’s culinary scene will witness an exciting transformation with the emergence of several new establishments that promise to tantalize taste buds and elevate the dining experience. So, join us on a gastronomic journey as we explore the best new restaurants in Miami in 2024, where innovative chefs and diverse cuisines converge to create an unforgettable dining experience.


Nestled along the picturesque coastline, Seaspice is a beacon of coastal elegance that has quickly become a culinary sensation in Miami. This seafood-centric establishment offers a menu inspired by the ocean’s bounty, showcasing the freshest catches expertly prepared by skilled chefs. Additionally, the ambience is a seamless blend of modern sophistication and beachside charm, providing diners with a sensory escape. From succulent lobster rolls to perfectly seared scallops, Seaspice promises a dining experience that celebrates the essence of Miami’s coastal identity.


Dive into a world of culinary fusion at Brickell’s Mosaico, where chefs artfully blend diverse culinary traditions to create a menu that is as eclectic as Miami itself. Crucially, Mosaico offers a harmonious blend of flavors from around the globe. Imagine savoring Korean barbecue tacos, followed by a plate of Mediterranean-inspired paella. Mosaic Flavors has become a hot spot for those seeking a gastronomic adventure, where each dish is a vibrant tapestry of tastes and textures.


Georgina, in the heart of fashionable Wynwood, brings authentic Italian cuisine to Miami directly from the Amalfi Coast. Cozy architecture, al fresco dining options, and a foliage embellished decor complete with thousands of lemons on vines transport you across the Atlantic to crystal waters, white cliff faces, cobbled streets, and handmade pasta. In addition, the menu offers classic Italian dishes with a license for creativity. Grilled octopus over creamy cannellini beans, whole roasted sea bream with garlic confit, and veal scallopini, served on custom china plates by designer Adriana Castro, and just some of the gastronomic delights. Comfort foods in the shape of pizzettes like the Margherita and three cheese truffle also delight the taste buds. On weekends, Giorgina serves brunch, offering coffee, pastries, and favorites like the Giorgina French toast, croissant egg benedict over pastrami, and two-sauce chilaquiles.

SLS Lux Brickell

For those who crave exceptional cuisine and breathtaking views, SLX Lux Brickell is the place to be. Perched atop one of Miami’s skyscrapers, this rooftop restaurant offers a panoramic dining experience that is truly unparalleled. The menu is a curated selection of gourmet dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients that showcase the rich agricultural landscape of South Florida. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic dinner or a celebratory brunch, SLX Lux Brickell provides a dining experience that takes you to new heights in terms of taste and ambiance.

Havana 1957

Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of Havana at the Havana 1957, where traditional Cuban flavors are reimagined with a modern twist. This restaurant captures the essence of Cuban cuisine, infusing classic dishes with contemporary flair. This chain restaurant has locations throughout the Greater Miami area. From the lively music to the colorful décor, Havana 1957 offers an immersive experience beyond the plate. Indulge in slow-cooked ropa vieja or savor the flavors of a perfectly crafted mojito. This eatery has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists, providing a taste of Cuba in the heart of Miami.


Maty’s, in Midtown Miami, serves traditional Peruvian cuisine with a twist. Enjoy menu highlights such as black grouper ceviche with torrejitas de choclo, lamb seco stew with cilantro and squash, and wagyu oxtail saltado stir fry with habanero, cherry tomato, and red onion. The restaurant seats 150 guests, and indoor and outdoor options are available.


South Beach has a new culinary star, Zaytina, in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton. Led by renowned celebrity chef José Andrés, the Middle East and Mediterranean combine with cuisines from Turkey, Greece, and Lebanon to create healthy, flavor-busting delights that keep diners coming back for more.


Miami’s culinary landscape in 2024 is a testament to the city’s ability to evolve and embrace new flavors and dining concepts. From coastal elegance to culinary fusion, sky-high dining to authentic cultural experiences, the best new restaurants in Miami in 2024 offer diverse options for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local looking to explore fresh culinary gems or a visitor eager to indulge in Miami’s renowned food scene, these restaurants will leave an indelible mark on your taste buds and culinary memories. As Miami continues to evolve as a culinary hub, these establishments pave the way for a future where innovation, authenticity, and exceptional taste reign supreme.

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