Savor the City That Never Sleeps: Miami’s 24-hour Restaurants.

To Earn the Reputation of Being an All-Night City, Miami’s 24-hour Restaurants do a lot of heavy lifting.

Miami is a 24-hour city, with white sandy beaches and crystal seas beckoning boozing bodies by day and a vibrant nightlife with world-famous clubs and DJs keeping partygoers up all night. In between all this activity, you’ll also need time to eat. Chances are you won’t be looking for a five-course meal and five a.m. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, the Magic City has a 24-hour restaurant with your name on it, ready to wrap in a warm blanket of comfort food. From Cuban classics to late-night staples, Miami’s 24-hour dining options will energize you any time of the day or night. Here are a few all-night restaurants for you to choose from:

Versailles Restaurant

The legendary Versailles Restaurant has well-deserved status. Located in Little Havana, this Cuban institution has served authentic Cuban cuisine since 1971. Its 24-hour window service allows you to savor its famous Cuban sandwiches, pastelitos, and café con leche. For generations, it has been the go-to spot for tasty and affordable late-night/early-morning food.

La Moon Restaurant

Colombian food at its finest, La Moon Restaurant is famous for its mouthwatering Colombian empanadas and hot dogs. And they’re not your average hot dogs; they’re generously topped with flavorful ingredients like pineapple sauce, garlic mayo, and bacon that will have your tastebuds dancing to with joy. It you’ve got a craving for something Colombian, night or day, La Moon is the place to be

Cantina La Veinte

An authentic Mexican restaurant serving tacos, enchiladas, ceviche, margaritas, and more 24/7, Cantina La Veinte is based in the lively Brickel area, and features live music while enjoying a waterfront view.

La Sandwicherie

Get your midnight sandwich fix at La Sandwicherie, located in the heart of South Beach. This cozy little spot is open from 7 am to 5 am (so not quite 24/hr, but close enough). It specializes in crafting gourmet sandwiches and salads using the freshest ingredients. Whether you prefer a classic Croissant Sandwich or a custom creation, La Sandwicherie has wide-ranging options to satisfy your late-night cravings.

News Cafe

News Cafe caters to the palate of global travelers with a varied international menu. Located on the always bustling Ocean Drive and open 24 hours, News Cafe serves American classics to Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. From hearty breakfasts, flavorful burgers, and fresh salads, News Cafe offers it all with a side of people-watching along the iconic beachfront road.

Big Pink

The comfort food at Big Pink on Collins Avenue in South Beach is better than a warm hug from your mother. There are over 200 menu items to satisfy all your comfort food cravings. Carbo load before a day at the beach or after a night on the tiles with oversized omelets, towering burgers, and decadent milkshakes. With its bright pink exterior and neon signs, Big Pink is a Miami institution that welcomes diners with open arms day or night.

Blue Collar

While not strictly a 24-hour establishment, Blue Collar offers an enticing brunch menu worth staying up for. Located in the historic MiMo District, this restaurant serves up Southern-inspired comfort food with a modern twist. Their brunch menu features classics like shrimp and grits, biscuits and gravy, and an array of inventive omelets. Blue Collar — inspired by some down-home favorites — opens early and closes between 10 and 10.30 pm most days, making it the perfect spot for those looking to start their day or night with some southern goodness.

Yambo Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for something exotic, Yambo Restaurant serves Nicaraguan food 24/7 in Little Havana. Authentic and spicy, do your taste buds a favor by taking them to Central America and sampling gallo pinto, carne asada, nacatamales, and quesillo. Moderately priced, Yambo features colorful artifacts and decor as if you’ve stepped into a roadside Nicaraguan restaurant, with lively music to boot.


These are just a sample of the many 24-hour restaurants in Miami, providing cuisines to satisfy every taste, craving, and schedule. From nighttime revelers to daytime 9-5ers and everything in between, Miami’s restaurants take its reputation as a city that never sleeps seriously.

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