Why “Workations” and Luxury Vacation Rentals Go Hand In Hand

Two of the most popular locations, Miami and Cancun, allow luxury short-term rentals at affordable prices, making them the ideal cities for a "workation" — combining work with a vacation.

A “workation” in a luxury villa allows you to work remotely and have fun simultaneously.

If there was anything positive to come from the Covid-19 pandemic, it was remote working. A spike in luxury villa vacation bookings has seen workers trade the commute, office politics, and cold climates for Zoom calls and working poolside in shorts, flip-flops, and pampered surroundings.

Book a Luxury Villa In Miami or Cancun

Two of the most popular locations, Miami and Cancun, allow luxury short-term rentals at affordable prices, making them the ideal cities for a “workation” — combining work with a vacation — allowing for a better work-life balance, a little luxury while keeping life interesting.

How Long Should My “Workation” Be?

If you’re splurging on a luxury villa, the duration of your stay depends on your budget. As long as you can perform your job efficiently and afford where you live, there is no set time frame for your workation. If your job insists that you come into the office a few days a week, that will obviously influence the time you spend away. Generally, workations are only for a few days, in which case a luxury short-term rental is ideal.

Why A Workation in Miami or Cancun Makes Sense

Live in a colder northern city and need a break from the harsh winters? A week or two in a luxury villa in Miami or Cancun will not only give you some much-needed sun and the chance to recharge your batteries while taking in a restaurant, show, culture, or sports event before heading back North.

What makes them so suited to workations is that they are generally affordable to get to, and there is a reasonable amount of luxury short-term rentals to choose from, with each city catering to the influx of remote workers.

A Workation in Miami

If you’re tired of remote working in an empty house, Miami allows you to work in one of the city’s many vibrant coffee shops. Work in a new one daily and take in colorful neighborhoods such as the Art District, Lynwood Walls, Little Havana, and South Beach Brickell. In addition to the many Starbucks dotted around the city, here are some of the popular places with strong WiFi to get a great cup of Joe:

  • Dr. Smood – Brickell Organic Coffe (701 S. Miami Ave)
  • Panther Coffee (3407 Main Hwy, Miami 33133)
  • Under The Mango Tree (737 5th St)
  • El Paseo Hotel (405 Española Way
  • All Day (1035 N. Miami)
  • Juan Valdez Café (101 NE 2nd Ave)
  • The Salty Donut (50 NW 23rd St #112)
  • Bikini Hostel, Cafe, and & Beer Garden (1255 West Ave)
  • Café Crème (750 NE 125th St)
  • Panther Coffee Little Haiti (5934 NW 2nd Ave)

Workation In Cancun

A coastal city offering gorgeous weather, beaches, and diversity. Take your laptop to your luxury villa short-term rental or hotel balcony overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea, and plan cultural trips around your work day. Popular attractions include the Mayan ruins of Chechen, Itza, Tulum, or Coba and the many cenotes and restaurants. 

There are plenty of café’s and coffee shops with good WifI connections for remote workers in the Cancun area. These include:

Important Things to Remember on a Workation

Put your Work First: You might find yourself on a permanent vacation if you don’t remember the work part of your workation. Your job still expects work to be delivered on time and done well, as if you were in the office or working from home. Don’t be side-tracked by the sun, sand, and surf. First work, then play!

Good WiFi Is A Must: Research your trip beforehand to ensure the places you are considering working or staying have good WiFi. Also, make sure your phone can provide an adequate hotspot as a back-up.

Take Noise Canceling Headphones: If you plan to work in a café don’t let the hustle and bustle of the place detract you. Make sure you’ve packed some noise-canceling headphones.

Choose Inspiring Locations To Work From: There’s no point staying in a dark hotel room or a coffee shop if there a stunning beach or outdoor cafe nearby. That’s why spending a little extra for a luxury villa ensures you get to work while surrounded by gorgeous scenery.


A workation sounds like a great idea, but you’ll need to plan to make them truly effective. Choose your luxury short-term rental ahead of time, and in case of inclement weather, ensure that it has good WiFi if you need to work from there. Book well in advance if you are flying to ensure the cheapest flights. If you’re traveling with family members, set an itinerary so they will have plenty to do and are out of your way during work hours. Also, if you’re Zooming, consider using a filter to block your background. Co-workers might get jealous to see shimmery blue seas and white sandy beaches in the background.

If you’re looking for the ideal accommodation for your workation in Miami or Cancun, talk to us at MAK Realty, and we’ll gladly show you some of our luxury vacation rentals.

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