The Best Property Management Companies In Miami Beach

As a global tourist destination, Miami Beach is a great place to invest in real estate. Beautiful architecture, vibrant culture, world-class cuisine, and top sports teams have made it a haven for vacationers, business people, and families. Competition amongst property management firms is tough. However, one firm routinely ranks at the top of most short-term rental sites, with clients referring to its impeccable customer service, pristine facilities, and discounted rates. That company is MAK Realty. Let’s find out more.

With over a decade of experience in real estate, MAK Realty has built a reputation for providing exceptional property management services. All their staff is intimately familiar with the Miami market. Many are multilingual, heading from different parts of the world, mirroring the clients and guests they serve.

Short-term, Mid-term, or Yearly Rentals

MAK leverages its knowledge and expertise to help property owners maximize their rental income while minimizing expenses. Whether their clients have short-term, mid-term, or yearly leases, MAK ensures their premises are kept in immaculate condition and fully booked.

Professional Cleaning

In the case of their suites at the world-famous Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, MAK utilizes the hotel’s vetted professional cleaning crews to deep clean their rooms. They then customize with luxury items. MAK also facilitates child care and extra cleanings if needed.

Concierge Service

MAK goes above and beyond for their short-term guests, offering a customizable itinerary, including car service, restaurant reservations, and pre-booked tickets to events around the city.


For new clients looking at MAK to rent and manage their short and mid-term rentals, the company offers a consultancy service that includes a comprehensive inventory checklist to ensure your rooms are furnished in a rental-ready condition to recoup the biggest return on your investment.

MAK also manages long-term rentals in condos and single-family homes, handling all repairs, rent collection, tenant screening, and placement and providing clients with monthly statements.

Key Factors That Make A Property Management Company Good

Experience: A good property management company should have a team of experienced professionals who understand the local market and can provide expert advice and guidance. MAK Realty has long been established in Miami and can offer expert advice on neighbors and rental prices.

Communication: Good communication is essential in property management. A good company should keep property owners informed about everything happening with their property and respond promptly to any questions or concerns. MAK Realty’s dedicated multi-lingual customer service team regularly contacts clients, guests, and vendors.

Responsiveness: A good property management company must be responsive to property owners and tenants. They should be available to address any issues that arise promptly and have a team of handymen that can attend to any maintenance issues promptly or show an apartment at short notice.

Transparency: A good property management company should be transparent about its fees and services. Property owners should know what they are paying for and what services they can expect. They should call the owner before spending a previously agreed amount on a service or repair. This ensures the owner can stay on top of their expenses and not receive any financial surprises.

Investing in rental properties in Miami Beach can be lucrative. Still, competition is tough, and a reliable property management company can make all the difference between a profit or a loss. MAK Realty is one of the best rental property management companies in Miami Beach because they have amassed over a decade of experience in Miami real estate and even longer in New York. They have a fine-tuned process for generating high returns for their clients. Communication skills, responsiveness, and transparency are the cornerstones of their operation, ensuring you, your tenants, and guests get the best service possible.

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