How We Help Homeowners Earn More Money

Many short-term rental management companies in a global destination like Miami offer landlords great returns on their investments. However, the sheer number of available short-term rentals and hotels means that there is also intense competition. To stand out from the masses means doing more than simply listing a condo/home/hotel room online and expecting the magic of Miami to do the rest.

It is why Mak Realty has garnered a reputation as one of the city’s premiere boutique rental management companies. We routinely triple our clients’ cashflows and list them at the top of the first page on multiple major listing sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, and This hasn’t happened by coincidence. Let us explain more.

Intense marketing

With over two decades of experience in New York, Mak Realty knows the importance of reaching out to clients worldwide. Not, however, through generic e-mail blasts that might end up in a spam folder. Instead, with thoughtful, attractive social media posts in English and Spanish and targeted e-mail campaigns that engage potential guests. We also liaise with major event coordinators to offer discounted rooms months in advance. This ensures that our investors’ rooms are fully booked even during quieter months.

24/7 customer service

Our customer service team gets to work when our guests book with us. They ensure visitors are fully aware of all check-in procedures and are on hand to answer any questions. We’re happy to discuss their units, guest amenities, and the area in general, from restaurants to stores, tours, museums, and much more.

Deep cleaning, repairs, and more

Cleanliness is one of the essential factors that guests routinely state as determining the enjoyment of their vacation. It’s also where many short-term rental management companies fall short. We only use vetted cleaning crews employed by the resorts in which we have many rooms and suites. These crews are trained to the highest standards. They only use professional-grade cleaning solutions to ensure your room is not only clean but meticulously sanitized.

High-quality linens and bedding

Another essential element to garnering high reviews is the quality of bedding and linens on hand in the rooms. We recommend the exact types of mattresses, sheets, duvets, towels, and more that our investors purchase to achieve the best possible client reviews. These, in turn, help keep their properties fully booked and at the top of listing sites.

We leverage our strong connections with established resorts

Mak Realty has over 60 active listings within world-famous resorts such as The Fontainebleau on Miami Beach. Our suites there consistently appear at the top of booking sites. Potential guests conducting reasearch are always impressed by our suite’s stellar ratings and high profiles.

Repair Team On-Call 24/7

All repairs and touch-ups must be handled immediately if a hospitality business to run efficiently. This means our clients’ apartments and suites should look the same for the 100th guest as they did for their first. As you might have noticed, this is where many STR Management companies and even hotels fall short.

Our years in the business have taught us that it is worth having a crew on call 24/7 instead of sporadically hiring people. This removes the risk of workers not showing up or being unavailable.

Guest Screening

What’s even better than being fully booked all year round? Being fully booked with respectful guests that take care of the premises. We undertake a meticulous screening before letting guests into our investors’ homes and apartments. This ensures that they are who they say they are and that none of our apartments are booked for one-off parties or to conduct illegal activities.

Easy Onboarding

When people are on vacation, they don’t want delays with red tape and complications. That’s why our onboarding process is simple and fun. We offer professionally filmed and photographed 3-D home tours and tech-friendly app messaging to ensure check-ins are a breeze.


Tripling our investors’ cash flow, as we regularly do, has been a goal we had in mind since first expanding to the Miami market before the pandemic. Taking tried and tested strategies that worked for us in New York and transposing them to South Florida enabled our investors to realize amazing returns.

However, it is a process. When we first look at a potential unit to manage, we take it through an exhaustive “stress test.” This involves analyzing the distance to essential amenities such as the beach, restaurants, and stores. Also, we only take on a certain caliber of property that will attract residents. And thirdly (amongst many factors), we discuss with the landlord to see if they are on board with the recommendations we suggest. If they are, there’s no reason they cannot fulfill their cash flow dreams and enjoy incredible returns year after year.

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